If you're new to the sport and are thinking about getting involved we've answered a few FAQ's for you.
If you'd like more info or would just like to chat through a few things please call us!


1How long is the warranty?
The manufacturer warranty on new Yamaha WaveRunners is 2 years for leisure use. Gliddon Marine offer a 3 month warranty on all used stock skis if the manufacturer warranty has expired. Brokerage-sale skis have only the balance of unexpired Yamaha warranty if applicable.
2How often should I have my ski serviced?
Yamaha recommend having your ski serviced annually or every 100 hours of use if sooner. There will be a few minutes of post-operation maintenance each time you use your ski.
3Do you offer finance options?
Finance is always available on new Yamaha WaveRunner models, often at low rates of interest subsidised by Yamaha. Please call us to arrange a written quote. We can also offer finance on used Yamaha WaveRunner models up to 12 months old.
4Do I need to pass a test or have a licence to ride one?
No. But… we strongly recommend you undertake the RYA PW Proficiency course. This excellent 1 day course will give you the knowledge and confidence to safely launch, operate and navigate your new WaveRunner. See our RYA Training tab for more details! You'll receive a £50 cash-back voucher to be redeemed for this course with any new WaveRunner purchased, courtesy of Yamaha!
5Do I need insurance before I take to the water?
There is currently no statutory national requirement in the UK for your PWC to be insured. However, most Harbour authorities and marina operators will require you to have a minimum of third party cover before they will permit you to launch. You will be well advised to fully insure your investment against all risks. Don't forget to add towing cover for water skiiers and/or inflatable toys if required.
6How much will a WaveRunner cost to insure?
For an instant on-line quote click the 'Insurance Packages' tab on our web site. Prices vary by WaveRunner model and according to your age and experience. Expect to have to keep your WaveRunner wheel clamped in a locked garage or building when not in use or on a marina docking pod to secure cover. Some insurers have specific theft warranties - do check the policy!
7Do I need to pass a test before I can tow one on the road?
No. Even the largest WaveRunner models only weigh-in at around 500KG on their road trailer and with half a tank of fuel. Current UK regulations permit any driver holding a full UK car licence to tow a trailer weighing up to 750KG gross. For the facts click here; https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-and-what-you-can-tow
8Do I need a big car to tow one with?
No. Even most small cars (EG; Ford Fiesta) have a towing capacity for unbraked trailers of over 500KG. To check your car's suitability refer to Part 4 of the V5C registration certificate. Section O.2 will confirm the technical permissible maximum towing weight of your car with an un-braked trailer.
9Can I use my WaveRunner for watersports?
You bet! All 3 seat WaveRunner models are equipped with a towing eye behind the rear seat. Your WaveRunner will happily tow water-skiiers, wake boarders, knee boarders or inflatable toys.